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The Common Lab was built shortly after the covenant was established, and was created by Sylvanus ex Miscellanea (inventor of the Cabin of Earthen Wood). As it was always meant to be used by any and all magi of the Covenant, most (if not all) magi of Insula Canaria have put their own personal stamp on the Laboratory. This, combined with the fact that it sits within a Magic: 6 Aura, has resulted in a laboratory that doesn't quite fit within Hermetic theory. The laboratory has acquired many more Specializations over the decades than Hermetic Theory believes is possible. Any and all Specializations that apply to any given project can be fully utilized.


Location: Eilean Chon

Floor: Ground (note that the building is single story)

Build Points: 106

Names On Sanctum Marker: none

(There is an inscription on the door that reads "This Laboratory is Provided for the Common Good of the Covenant of Insula Canaria", in Gaelic and Latin.)

Size: +1

(675 square feet/62.7 square meters)

Refinement: +4

General Quality: +4

Upkeep: +7

Safety: +7

Warping: +2

Health: +3

Aesthetics: +7

Virtues and Flaws

Major Virtues


Minor Virtues

  • Extensive Stores
  • Lesser Expansion
  • Lesser Feature (Antechamber)
  • Lesser Feature (Cauldron)
  • Lesser Feature (Summoning Circle)
  • Lesser Feature (Window)
  • Lesser Guardian (Illusory; a murky water elemental named Cedric)
  • Vis Source: every season that the lab is being used in an activity that uses vis (including extraction), condensation forms on the outside walls and flows down to one corner, where it forms a number of pawns of Aquam equal to (# of pawns used in the lab activity) ÷ 10, rounded up (minimum of 1)

Free Virtues

  • Dedicated Building
  • Idyllic Surroundings
  • Magical Heating (Superior)
  • Magical Lighting (Superior)
  • Precious Ingredients
  • Superior Construction
  • Superior Equipment
  • Superior Tools

Major Flaws


Minor Flaws

  • Lesser Illusion
  • Undecorated

Free Flaws

  • Disorganized
  • Missing Sanctum Marker


+2 Aquam

+1 Creo

+1 Enchanting Items

+1 Experimentation

+1 Extracting Vis

+1 Ignem

+1 Imaginem

+1 Intellego

+1 Longevity Rituals

+1 Muto

+1 Rego

+1 Texts

+1 Vim

Personality Traits

Careless +1

Restless +1




Summoning Circle


Enchanted Items

The Tireless Servant (as Covenants, p. 121)

Common Lab Usage

Season Magus Project
Summer 1222 Eilid (Ysebrand) Armour That Fits for Buttercup
Autumn 1222 Eilid Longevity Ritual for Talia
Spring 1224 Aodhan Scales of the Vis Merchant (Invested Item for his Inner Mystery Initiation)