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From Canaries Are Dying: An Ars Magica Saga
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The following is a list of the Vis Sources registered to Insula Canaria.

Season Vis Source Yield Description Harvested by whom?
Spring Driftwood Herbam, 4 pawns Driftwood appearing on the beach near Eilean Chon after the spring equinox contains 4 pawns Herbam vis. Talia
Spring The Salmon of Truth Mentem, 4 pawns, or Common Sense for one year Every spring, one salmon in the Mhoireastain flowing into the Loch grants wisdom, or more usually 4 pawns Mentem. Talia and crew
Spring Peat bog Perdo, 4 pawns North of the covenant’s pastures is peat bog that traps unwary travelers and emits vile stenches. The first corpse (human or large animal) dug out after the spring thaw contains 4 pawns of Perdo. Example
Spring An ancient battlefield Corpus, 4 pawns One of the covenant’s pastures was the site of an ancient battle where many died, ending a feud. At sundown, on the last day of May, human bones surface at each of the cardinal directions. Each bone is a pawn of Corpus vis. Example
Summer Roses of Eilean Chon Creo, 10 pawns There are ten rose bushes growing around the common lab on Eilean Chon. In early summer, they bloom, and one bloom from each bush is a pawn of Creo. Example
Summer Mandrake Corpus, 8 pawns In a certain area of the forest that abuts the covenant are found a number of mandrakes. If harvested under the light of the first full moon of the summer, each mandrake yields a pawn of vis. However, the scream of a mandrake being uprooted can kill a man, so care must be taken. Example
Summer Summer Rain Vim, 15 pawns The last rains of the summer falling on Eilean Chon yield vis if collected Example
Autumn Fleece of the Lucky Ewe Animal, 4 pawns An incredibly fertile wild ram appears and impregnates ewes. The first ewe impregnated will produce 4 pawns of animal vis in her fleece. Aodhan
Autumn Samhain’s Judgement Imaginem and Mentem, 4 pawns each Every year on Samhain, an ancient stone in the wall surrounding the graveyard in Cill Chuimein summons the spirit of a Daemon to speak for the dead that died during the year. If the magi can speak to it about the good and bad and render fair judgments on a number of ghosts that it brings before them, it dissolves and leaves behind a gift of vis. If they fail to judge the dead correctly for their deeds then the ghosts of the dead are released to attack. Example
Autumn The Monster’s Eggs Animal, 8 pawns In late Autumn or early Winter, the Niseag lays its eggs on the loch bottom. Each egg is a pawn of Animal vis. One or two grogs, magicked to be resistant to cold and to breathe water (Talia can do the magic)
Autumn The Spring in Glencoe Intellego, 10 pawns In Glencoe (about 50 miles to the southwest), there is a spring of incredibly pure, clean water. If one draws from the spring on the autumnal equinox, the spring produces 10 pawns of Intellego vis. Aodhan
Winter Rockface Terram, 4 pawns A few miles upstream from Inbhir Mhoireastain, the River Mhoireasteain cuts through a wide ravine. On the granite rock-face there, coloured veins appear each winter after weathering that yield Terram vis. Talia and crew or Aodhan

Note that the yield is normally an optimum number. If the harvesters are interrupted, or for whatever reason they are not able to collect the full amount of vis (for example, don't find all eight mandrakes or four human bones), then the actual yield may be less.